Gold necklace

Composed of 14 pendants, each topped with a cylindrical suspension loop. Consisting of six circular pendants, each with an inverted crescent over a circular boss, representing the moon and sun, a popular Phoenician motif. Eight anchor-shaped hollow pendants, each outlined with twisted wire. All interspaced with fifteen plain cylindrical gold spacer beads. Restrung on a modern gold necklace, with a clasp. 

A variant type has an inverted crescent over the boss, a Phoenician motif indicating the sun and the moon in association. An example from Vulci is covered with fine granulation; one from Bisenzio, Tomb IO, is inlaid with amber. A third example comes from Marsigliana.

Etruscan, Orientalizing style, 7th-6th century B.C.
Diam. 11.4 cm (4 31⁄64 in)

Each circular pendant; 1.8 cm. diam., 1.97 cm. with suspension loop
Each anchor-shaped pendant; 1.6 cm. high with suspension loop.
Each spacer bead; 1.18 cm. long.

Art market, United Kingdom
Private collection, Switzerland, acquired from the above in 1980

R.A. Higgins
Greek and Roman Jewellery, 2nd edition, 1980, 141, pl. 33b

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