Etrusco-corinthian oinochoe attributed to the Bearded Sphinx Painter

Etruscan, archaic period, 630-600 B.C.
H. 27.5 cm (10 53⁄64 in)

Art market, Switzerland, 1983
Private collection, Switzerland, from the above

A large oinochoe with creamy fabric, with two decorative bands sjowing a procession of animals. A cock and three striding panthers to the right, on the lower band  four grazing deers to the right, dotted rosettes in the interstices  two bands of overlapping dotted scale pattern below the shoulder and above the foot, partially misfired. The representation of a cock is extremely rare in Etruria

The  Bearded Sphinx Painter may have been a Greek settler in Cerveteri. He drew on popular vases from Corinth, which were imported in large numbers throughout Italy. Over sixty pitchers similar to this one are known, demonstrating the success ofhis workshop

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