Marble relief fragment

Preserving the body of a rider on horseback, galloping at full tilt, the male figure wearing a short, belted chiton, his chlamys secured at his shoulders and flying out behind him, his left arm holding the horse's neck, its flank, upper rear leg, and wavy tail preserved, with faint remains of yellow pigment on the mane and tail, and red pigment delineating the trappings

Roman period, 1st Century B.C.-2nd Century A.D.
H. 17 cm (6 11⁄16 in) W. 21 cm (8 17⁄64 in)

Private collection, Switzerland, acquired in 1991

Erika Simon
Ein hellenistisches Reiterrelief, in: Numismatica e antichità classiche : quaderni Ticinesi XXI, 1992, 227-242

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