Colourless glass dish

Late Roman period, 4th century A.D.
H. 6 cm (2 23⁄64 in) Diam. 25.7 cm (10 1⁄8 in)

Private collection, Switzerland, prior to December 1972 (inventory LBIV/44)

“Le verre antique. Dans l’intimité des collectionneurs”, in: ArtPassion, no. 9, Geneva 2007, 57

Donald Benjamin Harden
Glass of the Caesars, The British Museum, London; The Corning Museum of Glass, Corning; Römisch-Germanisches Museum, Cologne, Olivetti 1987, 203  no. 112

Large dish with thick, rounded rim with broad, flaring sides, on a low flared foot ring.  On the interior are etched a number of motifs, including branches and diamonds, between floral garlands, in the centre, a star with eight radiating rays. The base with a pontil mark.

Platters, shallow dishes and bowls, were all common items among Roman glass tableware. 

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