Fine Samnite Montefortino type helmet

4th century B.C.

30.5 cm. high (with cheekpieces)

English private collection, prior to 1966

J. M. Paddock
The Bronze Italian Helmet: The development of the Cassis from the last quarter of the sixth century B. C. to the third quarter of the first century AD (University of London, Ph. D. Thesis), 1993.

D. G. Mitten and S. F. Doeringer
Master Bronzes from the Classical World, Mainz, 1967, p. 224, no. 227 for a similar helmet in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, from the William Randolph Hearst collection

H. Born
Antike Herstellungstechniken, Acta Praehistorica et Archaeologica, 21, 1989, pp. 99-103, pls. 1-5

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