Suite of gold jewelry

Rare hellenistic set of jewelry comprising a necklace with lion-head terminals, a pair of earrings with double lion-head terminals as well as a large gold finger ring.
The necklace formed from a length of loop-in-loop chain, each end with a lion-head terminal, a hook-and-loop closure projecting from their mouths; each earring with a hoop of hollow tapering tubes braided together, a lion-head terminal joined to the hoop by a collar of filigree spirals and granulation framed by beaded wires; the large finger ring shows a standing and nude winged Eros in contraposto leant on a  stick, solid cast

Greek, hellenistic period, late 4th century B.C.

Ring 9 g., size, 18/58, 8 1/4 in. 18.5 mm.;
Earrings 13 g; necklace 42 cm long, 12 g.

Private collection, Switzerland, acquired 1971/72
Comes with a custom made box by Castelluci, mid-to late 1970s

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