Marble sarcophagus lid

Depicting four circus charioteers, each with a wreath in his left hand and a palm leaf in the right, four horses being led towards them on one side, and four chariots on the other

Roman period, 2nd century A.D.
H. 12 cm (4 23⁄32 in) W. 122 cm (48 1⁄32 in) D. 37 cm (14 9⁄16 in)

Art market, London, 1989
Private collection, Switzerland, acquired from the above

Raimund Wünsche-Florian Knauss (eds.)
Lockender Lorbeer: Sport und Spiel in der Antike, 2004, 20

Gli atleti di Zeus. Lo sport nell’antichità, Museo d’arte Mendrisio, 2009, 204

Esaù Dozio
Azione - Emozione, Chaman 2011, 37

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