Terracotta votive plaque fragment

Moulded in high relief with a homosexual erotic scene, with a male reclining on his right side, his back to the onlooker, his body raised up on his right elbow, his left hand resting on his lover's waist, the second male, his head turned to the viewer, stands and bends over his lover embracing him with his right arm 

Magna Graecia, 4th-3rd century B.C.
H. 6.7 cm (2 41⁄64 in) W. 9.7 cm (3 13⁄16 in)

Collection Roger Peyrefitte (1907-2000), Paris
Private collection S. N., Switzerland, acquired from the above in 1976

Ars Amatoria. The art of love in antiquity, 2019, 29 no. 30

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