Marble bust of Alexander the Great

Alexander III of Macedon (356-323 B.C.) is represented with muscular chest, decisive gaze and wavy mid-length hair.

Hellenistic period, 2nd-1st century B.C.
H. 34.5 cm (13 37⁄64 in)

Private collection, Switzerland, 1972, inventory no. LB 618
Sammlung Henri E. Smeets, Weert,  The Netherlands, vor 1975
Sotheby's Antiquities, London, 1977¨^^,ot 115

E. Godet-F. Capelle-M. Fourmont-P. Voûte-Ch. Wentinck
A Private Collection, Weert 1975, abb. 172a

Musée d'art et d'histoire, Geneva, 2000 until 2014

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