Attic Black Figure Neck-Amphora, attributed to the circle of the Antimenes Painter

Greek, archaic period, 530-520 B.C.
H. 36 cm (14 11⁄64 in)

41.4 cm high with lid

Art market, London, 1984
Private collection, Switzerland, acquired from the above

Side A depicts a chariot scene with Athena, Herakles and Hermes.  The goddess is mounting a quadriga and holding the reins and a goad in her right hand. She is wearing a high-crested helmet, a peplos and her snaky aegis, in front of her Herakles wearing the lion skin over his head. He seems to be petting the snakes on Athena's aegis. Behind him, standing Hermes with Petasos, Kerykeion and winged sandals (pt?nopédilos). 
Side B shows an elderly, bearded man dressed in a himation. He is flanked by two warriors wearing corinthian helmet, shield (blazoned with a tripod?), greaves and spear, the scabbard with the sword visible on their left side; rays, lotos chain and dotted zigzags above the foot, antithetic palmettes and lotus buds on the neck, alternating red and black tongues on the shoulders, palmette lotus chain on the neck, a quatrefoil of palmettes, lotus buds and spiraling tendrils below the handles, the lid with rays, black circles and ivy vine, details in added red

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