Attic black-figure Siana cup

The lip with ivy wine, the lower body with a reserved band containing alternating red and black tongues, flaring foot, details in added red

Siana cups are a genre of Attic black-figure decorated pottery named after the Necropolis of the ancient city of Siana on Rhodes. In the second quarter of the 6th century BC, they were the dominant drinking vessel in Athens and replaced the earlier komast cups. As for their successors, the Little-master cups,they  were very much appreciated and produced beside the Little-master cups over a considerable period of time. 

Greek, archaic period, 550-540 B.C.
H. 14 cm (5 33⁄64 in) Diam. 33.6 cm (13 15⁄64 in)

25.7 cm diam. (w/o handles)

Art market, Switzerland, bought at Tefaf Basel, 1997
Private collection, Switzerland, acquired from the above

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