Attic black-glazed plemochoe

The lentoid body on flaring foot, the rim with band of alternate red and black tongues, framed by bands of double dots and concentric lines

Greek, archaic period, 530-500 B.C.
H. 19 cm (7 31⁄64 in)

German private collection, acquired in the late 1980s-early 1990s
German private collection, 2003-2016
Beazley Archive no. 9024850

H.-H. Heissmeyer (ed.)
Vasen und figürliche Gefässe aus der griechischen Antike. Katalog einer süddeutschen Sammlung, Dettelbach 2008, no. 4

H.-H. Heissmeyer (ed.)
Vases and Figure – Shaped Vessels of Greek Antiquity. Catalogue of a Collection in South Germany, Neustadt 2015, p. 17, no. 6

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