Daunian pottery askos

South Italy, classical period, 4th-3rd century B.C.
H. 27 cm (10 5⁄8 in)

Art market, Switzerland, 1982
Private collection, Switzerland, acquired from the above

L’art des peuples italiques 3000 à 300 avant J.-C, Geneva, Musée Rath, 6 November 1993 - 13 February 1994, no. 4.

Jacques Chamay, Chantal Courtois (eds)
L’art premier de Iapyges, céramique antique d’Italie méridionale, 2002, 55, 113.

ArtPassion no. 3, 2005

Musée d’Art et d’Histoire, Genève, 2002-2014

The spherical body with wide, slightly concave, strap handle with a knob at the base, the spout with a flaring rim, the body decorated on both sides with a rare and almost identical scene of deers running in all directions, one deer is looking back, the lower portion of the body decorated with bands of different size, floral decoration below the spout, a radiating and a hatched pattern behind the handle

Askos is the name given to a spherical type of pottery vessel used to store and pour liquids. It is characterized by a short spout from which a thin handle extends in an arc to join the back of the jar

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