Attic Black-Figure Lekythos, attributed to the Malibu Painter

Greek, archaic period, 560-555 B.C.
H. 17.1 cm (6 47⁄64 in)

Rim 4.5 cm diam
Shoulder, 10.9 cm diam
Base 5.5 cm diam

Herbert A Cahn, Basel
The Jacques L. Theodor collection (1926-2007), acquired from the above

De Collectie J.L. Theodor, Allard Pierson Museum, c. 1980, 16 no. 10

Pieter Heesen
The J.L. Theodor Collection of Attic Black Figure Vases, Allard Pierson Series, vol. 10, Amsterdam, 1996, no. 10, illus.

Winifred Lamb
Corpus vasorum antiquarium, Great Britain, Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum, fasc. II, 1936 (Ricketts and Shannon Collection), pl. II, no. 1

Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland from 1999-2010

With spreading foot, offset neck, concave handle, the body painted with two sparring stout bearded boxers, their trainer standing at right and observing them, a long stick in his hand, the scene flanked by two youths advancing to the right and each wearing a cloak over their extended left arm, festooned lotus buds and dots on the shoulder, the details in added red

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