Daunian bichrome pottery kyathos

South Italy, 3rd century B.C.
H. 12.5 cm (4 59⁄64 in)

Private collection, Switzerland, acquired in the mid-1970s

Archeo, attualita del passato, anno IX, no. 2 (108), February 1994, 21

Jacques Chamay, Chantal Courtois (eds)
L’art premier de Iapyges, céramique antique d’Italie méridionale, 2002, 30, 80

Art Passion no. 3, 2005

Musée d’Arte et d’Histoire,, Geneva, 2002-2014

Rare example of a Daunian kyathos with a unique handle in the form of a non-stylized standing human being with applied earrings and headdress (polos), the interior and exterior of the bowl with elegant geometric decoration, added red for details

The kyathos was one of the preferred forms of the Iapygians/Daunians. The term kyathos comes from the Greek ceramic terminology and designates a laddle, which is used to draw the wine from the krater and to pour it into the drinking cup.
The kyathos presented here is remarkable for its composition with the use of an applied human figure in the round for the decoration of the handle.

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